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Preparing the team: Operations test

Dec 10, 2014

The LISA Pathfinder science team, together with the Science and Technology Operations Centre and the Mission Operations Centre recently completed a full end-to-end test of the LISA Pathfinder science operations ground segment.

As part of a sequence of tests leading up to the formal Science Operations Verification Test, this test comprised 5 days of simulated science operations, with two teams of scientists on duty, together with the operational engineering support of the ESA teams. In addition, 5 other science teams were formed and located at the Complementary Data Centre at APC in Paris. The test used a detailed simulator of the spacecraft together with the real ground support systems to perform numerous scientific investigations. Data was ‘downlinked’ and analysed in quasi-real-time, following the planned operational scenario for the actual flight operations. The event was a great success and taught the teams a lot about how the mission will operate.