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Inertial sensors of the LISA Pathfinder mission delivered

Nov 11, 2014

Important step forward: CGS SpA deliveres the
inertial sensors of the LISA Pathfinder mission

The inertial sensors are key elements of LISA Pathfinder. They were delivered in Milan on 3rd November 2014 during a ceremony at the headquarters of the Italian producer, Compagnia Generale dello Spazio (CGS spa). The Inertial Sensors received funding from the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and were designed by scientists from the University of Trento, supported by the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN).

The Experimental Gravitation Group of the University of Trento - Department of Physics - coordinated by Professor Stefano Vitale played a fundamental role in the sensors’ designing. The team is a member of the LISA scientific team and principal investigator of the LISA Pathfinder mission. The inertial sensors will now be integrated and tested with the other components, in view of the mission launch, planned for July 2015.

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