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PAX 2022

Aug 01, 2022

Motivation: In the last few months, three major events have increased the urgency to plan for Next-Generation (NG)  ground-based gravitational-wave detectors.
The completion of the Cosmic Explorer Horizon Study, the inclusion of the Einstein Telescope in the 2021 ESFRI Roadmap, and the strong recommendations in the Astro 2020 decadal, all show that the time is now ripe for discussing the potential and challenges associated with NG detectors.
The purpose of PAX-VIII is to better understand what can be done with NG observatories, and what are the factors that could limit their scientific potential. PAX is largely a discussion-based workshop with very strong involvement of participants.
To enhance discussion and engagement, the participants list is capped at 100, including SOC members and panelists.

Details: As of now, we expect the meeting to happen in person at MIT, over a 3 day period, with sessions in the morning and afternoon. Given that the situation with Covid is still volatile, participants are encouraged to make reservations which can be easily canceled. To keep PAX free of registration fees, this will not be an hybrid workshop as we won't have person power to stream audio and video in a consistent way. Should we be obliged to move to an online-only version, we would hold PAX over a 5 day period, with sessions in the morning only (Boston time zone)

We encourage participants to explore lodging options (including AirBnB) in areas around Cambridge (e.g. Brookline, Boston and Somerville). Lodging around MIT has unfortunately become expensive enough that it might be significantly more convenient to stay farther away and take a bus/metro/uber to MIT. All sessions are in building 6 in main campus. The closest metro stop is "Kendall" on the red line, 5 minutes walk from the venue. The bus 1 goes up and down Massachusetts Avenue, and has a stop in front of MIT's main entrance.

Organizing committee:

Salvatore Vitale (chair)
B. Sathyaprakash
Emanuele Berti

Please find full details on the conference website: