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COSMO'23, 11-15 September, Madrid

Sep 11, 2023

The conference will be held from 11-15 September 2023 at Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT UAM-CSIC) in Madrid, Spain and will feature the latest developments in cosmology and particle physics.

Confirmed invited speakers and the topics they will cover include:

  • Raul Angulo (Cosmological Simulations)
  • Marika Asgari (Weak Lensing in Large-Scale Structure Observations)
  • Phil Bull (21cm Surveys)
  • Clare Burrage (Dark Energy & Modified Gravity)
  • Sebastien Clesse (Dark Matter)
  • Paolo Creminelli (Early Universe)
  • Eleonora Di Valentino (Tensions in Cosmology)
  • Daniel Figueroa (Cosmological Gravitational Waves)
  • Kiyotomo Ichiki (Status of CMB Observations)
  • Isobel Romero-Shaw (Simulations for Black Hole Populations)
  • Eva-Maria Muller (Galaxy Clustering)
  • Samaya Nissanke (Gravitational Wave Observations)
  • Enrico Pajer (Cosmological Correlators)
  • Paolo Pani (Strong Gravity)
  • Rafael Porto (Analytical Approaches for Black Hole Coalescence)
  • Arman Shafieloo (Statistical Methods)
  • Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro (Machine Learning Techniques)
  • Gabrijela Zaharijas (Cosmic and Gamma Rays, Dark Matter Detection)

Registration will open in March 2023. The registration fee is expected to be around €350 and limited support will be available upon request.

More information will soon be provided on the conference website.