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Astro-GR@Cuba 2023

Mar 05, 2023

Organised by Pau Amaro Seoane (UPV), Amaya Ofelia Casanova, Fernando Guzmán (InSTEC), Leonel Morejón and Stamatis Vretinaris at the Instituto Superior de Tecnologías y Ciencias Aplicadas (InSTEC) de la Universidad de La Habana, from 5-18 March 2023.

Astrophysics of Gravitational Waves including General Relativity Physics and Observational Astronomy

The idea is to broaden the knowledge of topics in astrophysics, general relativity and fundamental physics that Cuban students of the InSTEC and other research institutes of Cuba as a way to choose their future interests, as well as to establish new collaborations between Cuban and non-Cuban researchers.

Please find full here details and how to register: