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The Hot and Energetic Universe has been selected for ESA's L2 and The Gravitational Universe has been selected for ESA's L3 mission science concepts.

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Selected: The Gravitational Universe
ESA decides on next Large Mission Concepts

The Gravitational Universe will be one of the two science themes to be explored by ESA's next two Large (L-class) missions – this was decided today by ESA's Science Programme Committee (SPC). The suggested mission to probe the Gravitational Universe is the evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA).

LISA will study the universe in a unique way – completely differently from any other space observatory – by detecting gravitational waves. Observations of gravitational waves in space will answer key scientific questions about the astrophysics of the cosmic dawn and the physics and evolution of the universe. According to ESA's decision, LISA will be the third L-class mission, following JUICE and Athena.

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