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ISAPP 2023 Texel - Exploring the Dark Universe: From Particles to Galaxies, 11 - 17 Sep 2023

Sep 11, 2023

The ISAPP European network organises every year schools in astroparticle physics, targeted at experimentalists, observers and theorists.

The present school will take place on the Dutch island Texel, 11 - 17 Sep 2023, and is dedicated to a range of topics that are focused on high-energy astrophysics, cosmology/dark matter and compact objects. The topics include cosmic-ray theory and detection, gamma-rays and neutrinos, lab searches for dark matter and cosmological small/large scale structure probes, gravitational waves and multi-messenger astrophysics, compact objects and MHD simulations, and machine learning.

The school is open to PhD students and young post-docs working in high energy astrophysics, cosmology, gravitational waves and particle physics.

Scientific Program

High-energy astrophysics
- Charged cosmic-rays, theory and detection
- Gamma-rays and neutrinos, astrophysics, indirect searches for dark matter

Cosmology & dark matter
- Cosmology, small and large scale probes of dark matter
- Lab searches for dark matter, dark matter theory

Compact objects
- Gravitational waves & multi messenger astrophysics
- Simulations (MHD) & new physics searches

Data analysis
- Astrostatistics/machine learning, interactive

- Lectures
- Q&A sessions
- Poster session
- Hands-on sessions
- BBQ, dinner, holiday park amenities

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