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Nottingham Centre of Gravity Inaugural Colloquia

As part of its launch, the Nottingham Centre of Gravity (NCoG) is organising a series of Inaugural Colloquia. The NCoG brings together Nottingham's internationally leading expertise in gravitational physics in the School of Mathematical Sciences and the School of Physics and Astronomy and plans to expand it into new areas. It will be built on six overlapping pillars of gravitational research: fundamental physics, mathematics, cosmology, relativistic astrophysics, experiment, and data & modeling. The six Inaugural Colloquia will span these fields.

The Colloquia will be broadcast via Zoom and all are welcome to attend. 
The schedule of talks is given below, with the first talk by Cumrun Vafa (Harvard) taking place on October 6, 2021. You can access all the talks through the following link:

NCoG also encourages participants to register by filling in the following form in order to receive reminders and updates of forthcoming talks:

NCoG colloquia schedule

October 6 2021, 3pm UK time
Speaker: Cumrun Vafa (Harvard)
Title: String Landscape and the Swampland
Abstract: String theory landscape of vacua point to new consistency conditions that a quantum gravitational system must satisfy.  There are only a small number of quantum field theories that satisfy these conditions and all the rest belong to the `Swampland' which cannot be consistently coupled to gravity.  In this talk I review some of these conditions and their implications for cosmology and particle physics.

December 8 2021, 3pm UK time
Speaker: Anna Watts (Amsterdam)

January 19 2022, 3pm UK time
Speaker: Mihalis Dafermos (Cambridge & Princeton)

February 23 2022, 3pm UK time
Speaker: Lam Hui (Columbia)

April 6 2022, 3pm UK time
Speaker: Sheila Rowan (Glasgow)

June 8 2022, 3pm UK time
Speaker: Luis Lehner (Perimeter)

Please see the NCoG Colloquia website for full details: